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Have you been googling ways to engage youth? Do you run an organization, or simply a household with a teenager, and want to implement more effective ways to address youth concerns? You aren’t alone; many parents, leaders, first time educators and stakeholders often find themselves frustrated with getting and keeping the attention of their youth. Ironically, you may be the teen or young adult who has decided it’s now time to achieve all of the goals you once started but need a little help to currently figure things out. Enough said, Let’s Work Together!







youth development

Local mentoring and partnerships to create change agents in communities through empowerment, education, and advocacy.

Do you lead or are a member of an organization that desires to increase youth engagement and advocacy? Let’s work.

Speaking Engagements

Using my experiences, knowledge, faith, and transparency to motivate and encourage communities with a focus on youth engagement and education.

Are you planning a faith based youth event, summit, or conference? Do you need an experienced speaker? Will your youth benefit from transparency and empowerment? Let’s work.

Help me communicate

Strategies to effectively communicate with your teenager. Parent affirmations. Accountability support for transitional and  college students. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your teen or young adult? Do you feel like your plans are not aligning with their plans, or that they have no plans at all? Is your student stepping into places you have never gone, and you want to give them the support they need to be successful? Can your organization benefit from an unbias representative recapturing your absent or at risk student? Let’s work.

Educating 101

For traditional and non-traditional teachers. Teaching to the whole person support. Creative and engaging lessons and tools. Training work sessions. How to “perform” like a professional.

Do know a first year teacher and have no idea how to help them? Do you feel a little unprepared going into the classroom for the first time? The names and titles Harry Wong, Madeline Hunter, College and Career Readiness, Cross Curriculum Planning, and Emotional Social Learning leave you clueless or anxious? Let’s work. 

The Process

Step 1

Consider what solutions most associate with your needs.

Step 2

Contact me to schedule consultation.

Step 3

Make the mental commitment, and let’s begin.

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