Firenza Anderson-Philpot

Hey, Y’all! WELCOME. I AM A VOICE. That probably sounds far-fetched but that pretty much sums up who I am professionally; I create solutions using my voice. I have spent the professional part of my life since childhood speaking up for others, teaching, mediating, facilitating, and giving life and voice to ideas through content development.                              In addition to the enjoyment creating solutions gives me, I love helping youth reach their hoped for selves. In today’s society, there are workshops, podcasts, and books inspiring adults to heal and be their best selves. What if we helped youth be their best selves before they became adults?

One of my personal missions is to improve communities through empowering and saving our youth. Youth development has to be core goal to make this world the best it can be. They deserve it. We deserve it. Let’s work together. 


I grew up in a home where my parents were doers and helpers. My mother was a RN and advocate for adult patients with Sickle Cell Anemia Disease and my father was an entrepreneurial truck driver that taught and mentored other truck drivers. 

With my husband, we advocate for youth and the mentally ill in our community. 

I am driven by my faith and my passion to give voice to the voiceless and improve communities through youth focused initiatives. 


As an educator, I have taught elementary, middle, and high school students in both public and private settings. I have been a workshop facilitator, events coordinator, coach, curriculum and test developer, independent consultant, helped and developed teachers, and more. 

As a youth developer, I have created youth advocate organizations in multiple states and spearheaded engagement opportunities for youth and community stakeholders.

As a mediator and facilitator, I have hosted seminars, podcasts, web series, work sessions, and public and private events.

As a speaker, I have spoken on community, spiritual, and educational topics to groups of all ages. 



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